Purple Butterfly Project
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Fly Out, Fly Free, Fly Safe, and Fly Strong !
   This project is about making people aware of a growing epidemic that NEVER STOPS ! Everyone needs
to get involved in the process of  ending ABUSE by spreading a message that everyone will understand .     " Refuse To Abuse " it can not be said in a better way !

   A percentage " $7.00 " of each item that is will be donated to Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Agencies across the nation to help put a stop to this madness .

   If you would like me to come to your State or City to speak at a event feel free to contact me at frankzalka@yahoo.com  . I would be honored to partake in any type of event and tell my story ..

To donate and recieve a item please click on the like below that will take you directly to my online store. Thank you !