Child Abuse,Sexual Assault,Domestic Violence
Child Abuse Awareness
                    There is a cure ! WE all have a choice !

  This site is about Child Abuse , Sexual Assault , and Domestic Violence . I am a 42 year old male that would like to come to your community to talk about Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence. My goal in life is to make people aware of all different kinds of Abuse and to promote healthy relationships . I am starting a campaign to help spread the message across the Nation/World . This powerful statement " Refuse To Abuse " is printed on all of my products it is a very powerful message ! A percentage " $ 7.00 " of each product will be donated to many different Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault agencies across the Nation. Please take a minute of your day and read My Story it will help you understand why I want to be able to help end ABUSE !! 

                                          Thank You,

                                                Frank Z.
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